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An experience we will never forget
March 24, 2012

Prasat Kravan

Prasat Kravan is a small temple consisting of five reddish brick towers on a common terrace just south of East Mebon and the artificial lake Srah Srang or baray. Prasat Kravan is built entirely of baked clay bricks. Its original Sanskrit name is unknown. The modern name in Khmer, "Prasat Kravan", means cardamom temple. The temple was dedicated to Vishnu in 921 CE, according to inscription on door jambs.



The temple is oriented to the East and surrounded by a small moat. Its exterior is striking for its classical lines and symmetry, the central and the south tower have superstructures which take advantage of false prospective by simple means of diminishing tiers. The sanctuaries interiors are remarkable for the large bas relief depictions of Vishnu and Lakshmi that have been carved into the walls of reddish brick, connected by a vegetable compound. This type of sculptured artwork rather common in Cham temples, but almost unique in known Khmer monuments.

Prasat Kravan is worth a visit for its beautiful bas-reliefs carved on the brick interior walls. The central tower is adorned with representations of Vishnu on the back wall & the right wall where he rides a garuda. Bas-reliefs depicting Vishnu's wife Lakshmi can be found on the northernmost tower.